Comic Chronicle

issue #31: Interview with Cameron Bowen AKA Robin from Young Justice Season 2!

Interview with the great Cameron Bowen who plays Robin from Young Justice Season 2! Audio cuts in some spots but is still amazing and one amazing guy! Subscribe for more.


Issue #30: Fandoms Unite! Covering Comic Shops in AZ to Check out!

Giving you all the info and addresses of  comic shops in Arizona for you to support and check out, Subscribe for more.

Jesse James comics- 5140 w peoria ave, Peoria

Dreadnaught comics- 3624 w bell rd, Glendale

All ablout books and comics- 24 w camelback rd

Samurai comics- 1051 e camelback rd, Phoenix

Drawn to comics- 5801 w glendale ave, Glendale

Gotham city comics and coffee- 46 w main st, Mesa

Cab comics- 1471 s milton rd, Flagstaff

Charles comic books- 5460 e speedway blvd, Tuscon

Silver star coics- 1835 e elliot rd, Tempe


Issue #29: Hulk Power! Coverage of the little known She-Hulk.

Covering the Marvel comics hero, She-Hulk. Giving lime light to this little known character. Check out her books and subscribe for more.


Issue #28: Legion XMen TV Show, Ep 1+2 Review!

Covering episodes 1 and 2 of FX's Legion, based in the X-men universe. Hint, its actually great and dont know how to handle it!


Issue #27: News and new books for 2/15/17

Back again after a little break but herer to bring yo the latest news and new books of the week plus a lttle ranting on a few hot button topics in the comic world. Subscribe for more!


Issue #26: The Lost God Kirby! Coverage of the great Jack Kirby who helped create so much.

Coverage of the man who without, we wouldnt have comics the way we do today, Jack Kirby. The man everyone forgets in DC and Marvel. Subscribe for more.


Issue #25: Count v Arrow! Coverage of the DC comics villian, Count Vertigo.

Covering the great Green Arrow villian, Count Vertigo and all his history plus more. Subscribe for more as well.


Issue #24: Villians Win Earth! Covergae of the DC Comics event, Forever Evil.

Covering DC Comics event Forever Evil, where the villians take over Earth after the heroes loose and are captured. Subscribe for more.


Issue #23: The Demon From Hell! Covering the hero Hellboy.

Covering the hero Hellboy in this isuue and the crazy greatness from his books. Subscribe or more.


Issue #22: T.Rex Combo with Fries! Covering the series Voracious by Action Labs.

Covering the indie series Voracious, plus check out the interview with the co creators in episode 3 after you listen for some more juicy dino bits. Subscribe for more.


Issue #21: Become the Heroe or Villain! Coverage of DC Universe Online video game.

Going over DC comic's online MMO game and all its glory for your pleasure.


Issue #20: Heroes at War! Coverrage of Civil War 2.

Going over Marvels Civil War 2 crossover event that was the sequel to Civil War... No DUH!


Issue #19: The Rider Burns Your Soul!! Marvel’s Ghost Rider Coverage!

Covering the great history of one of Marvels dark characters, Ghost Rider!


Issue #18: Dc’s Powerless Ep 1 Coverage

Fresh from wathching review of DC comics Powerless Tv show. Its good but does have its fair share of bad but I try to be too nice to it in this review.


Issue #17: Covering This Weeks Comic Shows!

Going Over this weeks new episodes pf comic book shows. Subscribe for more.


Issue #16: Weekly News Report + New Books

Going over all the latest news and new books of this week. Subscribe for more.


Issue #15: Gotham in Flames! Coverage on the Batman Tell Tale series video game.

Coverring the latest Batman videogame and all its glory! Subscribe for more.