Comic Chronicle

Issue #51: Dan Donohue(Shriv in Star Wars Battlefront 2) Interview

Join the rebellion as we talk to Dan Donohue who played the wonderful Shriv in Star Wars Battlefront 2 and we talk about being in Star Wars, acting, fandom and much more!  


Issue #49: Tony Isabella(Creator of Black Lighting and Misty Knight) Interview

Listen in as I talk to Tony Isabella, creator of Black Lighting and Misty Knght as we talk abut his characters appearing on televison shows, the Black Lightning TV show, his work on comics and much more! Subscribe for more.


Issue #45: San Diego Comic Con Coverage Pt 2- (TV and Comics)

Join Hosts Brandon and Dakota as they talk about SDCC Tv and Comic anouncments and wishing the were there themselves! Subscribe for more!